What are Australian Visa Types

The General Skilled Migrant Program (GSM) is designed for professionals and skilled migrants that are not sponsored by an employer but have admirable skills in particular occupations that are required in Australia. This is one of the categories under the Australian Skilled Migration visa programs.

There is a wide range of visa options available for migrants under the General Skilled Migration Program who are skilled and want to live in Australia, people who do not have an employer who is sponsoring them for this purpose. This option is best for skilled people who are applying as independent migrants as well as the ones who are sponsored by relatives or those nominated by the Territorial Government.


Those who are independent migrants have the least number of restrictions in place for them, it is therefore a better option for eligible applicants who might not have an employer to sponsor them. You are welcome to assess your eligibility for independent Australia visa before you continue. We provide this service for all our clients at Permits and Visas reviews.


Migrants who are sponsored by a relative who is already eligible need to know that there are certain obligations that must be met by the sponsor to facilitate your visa.

All Visa Option

There are other visas which include Australian Spouse visa, Australian visit visa etc. and all these have different requirements or obligations. It is important to understand what is expected of you before you submit your Australian visa application. You are welcome to ask us for directions if you are confused anywhere. Learn more about the Australian Visa Types with Permits and Visas Reviews.