Visa Types You Can Apply to Migrate to Denmark

If you want to visit Denmark, you should know whether you will need a Denmark Visa or not. Visas If you need a visa, then make sure you lodge an application in due time. A visa for the purpose of short stay for probably less than 3 months issued in Denmark.

Short Stay Visas

A Short Stay Visa only allows a foreign citizen to visit Denmark or other Schengen countries for a short period of time up to 3 months. Short stay visas are valid for the entire Schengen region. Most EU countries are a part of Schengen but some countries are part of Schengen but not part of the EU.

How to apply

You can hand in your application for visa to  Danish missions or outsourcing offices in the region. For some countries, Denmark has an agreement with another Schengen country about visa applications on behalf of Denmark.

Residence & Work Permits

For visits longer than 3 months for studies or employment, a Denmark Residence Visa or a  Denmark Work Permit is required.

A residence permit will be given to you in the form of a residence card with biometric features like facial image and fingerprints along with a signature stored on a microchip which will be embedded in the card.

How to apply

You must have all of your biometric features along with your signature recorded when submitting your application at a Danish diplomatic mission. If you do not agree to have your biometric features & your signature recorded, your application will be rejected by the Danish authorities who are in charge of processing applications for residence & work in Denmark.

If you submit your application at a Norwegian diplomatic mission with which Denmark has an agreement, you must submit 2 facial photos & show a valid ID.

More information about the Danish visa rules, foreign citizens who need visas as well as work permits in Denmark can be obtained from the website of the Danish Immigration Service or visit Permits and Visas Reviews for the latest Denmark Immigration rules and regulations.