UK Needs New Visa Policy For Digital Skills

The United Kingdom’s Committee on Science and Technology had suggested that the UK government review visa policies for companies that recruit fewer employees. This demand has been made to easy the digital skills shortage in the software companies in UK.

The comprehensive report which was published by the STC urged the government for more lenient policies to encourage small scale industries recruit skilled individuals outside the EU. The digital skill gap, as reported, costs about 63 Billion Pounds which is a deficit on the Gross Domestic Product.

Specifically, the STC wants the government to relax the conditions on the existing Tier 2 visa. The UK is a center for Information Technology in the Europe and if it must maintain this position, the conditions around recruiting skills must be relaxed, else, there will be shortages in manpower.

The government has to support small-scale industries by giving them access to recruit non-European nationals more easily.

After the Brexit on the June 23, the United Kingdom has been on its own, separated from the European Union after the British Nationals decided to vote out. This exit from the EU is believed to have impact on the migration trends, policies and as such there should be a new economic policy.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries in the world with the largest expat population. Even after the Brexit, many expats are proposing that the UK employ Australian Style of immigration procedure. If that goes well, then it should get a lot easier to access the UK, much easier than it used to be.

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