Successful Visa Application for Australian Migration

Australia is the land of numerous work opportunities with an embracing lifestyle, vibrant culture and nice climate that attracts loads of migrants every year. Australia jobs are providing lucrative offers to attract talent. For a successful Australian work visa, you must have a temporary residence visa. This visa allows entry to Australia on a temporary basis for people who can contribute towards the development of the Australian community.

With temporary residence visa you can live and work in Australia for a specific period of time. An Australian organisation sponsorship is required to be approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in Australia before the application is filed. You will need the help of a trusted visa agency to obtain work visa for Australia

Following are the documents required at the time of filing of application:

  • Copy of your valid passport and also of people travelling with you
  • Evidence of international travel history in the last 5 years which include visa or immigration stamp
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs of yourself and the people accompanying you with plain background showing your head and shoulders only. You need to print your name at the back of it.
  • Full medical assessment report declaring your physical and mental fitness
  • In case of a job offer from an Australian company – provide the employer’s letter that states your position at work, employment tenure and income as well as the period of approved leave/leaves.
  • Evidences of your proposed Temporary Work itinerary in Australia such as letter of invitation from an Australian company, trade contract.
  • Self-employed needs to submit copies of company documents like business registration license or bank statements.
  • Proofs to show your financial status that proves you have enough funds for your personal support during .

All the requirements of country’s permits and visas must be fulfilled with utmost care.