Opportunities for Investors in New Zealand

Along with the students and the 9 to 5 office folk, New Zealand is an amazing place for investors, businessmen and entrepreneurs as well. The diverse geography of New Zealand and it’s varied culture create a lot of interesting opportunities and makes for a lit, vibrant and dynamic place to both settle down, and to do business. Down below are some of the many strengths of the different regions of New Zealand.

New Zealand is a great place for the development of Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are people who are either self-employed, or they have a hands-on role (management) in some business that they are the owners of (either completely  or partly). If you are applying for a New Zealand Entrepreneur Working Visa, the Immigration of New Zealand looks for a combination of the following :

  1. Proven business skills
  2. A strong plan
  3. Accessible funds to finance it

The second category that you need to know about is the Migrant Investment Visa. If you are applying for a New Zealand Investor visa or the New Zealand¬†Migrant investment Visa, you need to know that technically, for Immigration New Zealand, an ‘Investor’ is someone with enough funds available to put them into a wide range of investment vehicles – from startups (chosen from seminars generally), to bank-bonds and so on. The options are endless. However, ordinarily, the investors would not have to be involved in the management and/or governing their ‘investment vehicles’ in any way. Basically, there are two levels of investor:

  1. Investor
  2. Investor Plus

The criteria, benefits and flexibility varies by some extent on both.

These are some things that one must know before applying for a work permit/investors Visa or a work Visa for New Zealand from Permits and Visas Reviews. The best thing to do is to get your research right and take the help of a professional consultant to help guide you in the best possible way.