New Zealand Migration is More Attractive Than Ever

As this year has seen a record migration of expats from all over the world, New Zealand continues to see more people entering in than those who are leaving. Official figures reveal a net increase of 68,400 migrants that have entered into New Zealand from January up to May 2016 and this only shows that New Zealand is becoming a whole lot more attractive to foreigners.

On a month by month basis, statistics show that the volume of people moving to New Zealand or those who are returning back to their home remains at 5500 people. In November 2015, there was a slight increase to 6200 people entering the country on either temporary or permanent residency basis. The most common Permits and visas with which people entered into New Zealand is the New Zealand Work visa.

It shouldn’t be so surprising that New Zealand is getting so much attention from foreigners. The nation is considered as one of the top 5 most habitable countries in the world. The country has great job opportunities and it is a safe haven being a politically stable arena as well as a crime free zone. Apart from these, the friendliness of New Zealanders is commendable, making it easier for expats to just blend in and feel at home.

As of now, the New Zealand economy is doing greatly and this is the perfect time for anyone who hopes to migrate to start planning as there is no guarantee that things will remain this way forever. If you are thinking of migrating, you are welcome to read and learn more with us at Permits and Visas Dubai review.

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