Know If You Are Eligible for a New Zealand Visa

Migration to New Zealand, just as it is with other nations, could be complicated and costly altogether but it is worth it. If you are well prepared, the whole process doesn’t really need to be an intimidating minefield with plenty of legal jargon to deal with and huge expenses. To help you in the migrating process, we have compiled a simple test which can help you know which areas of your visa application you be qualified and which areas are probably going to pose challenges to you. Basically, these are YES or NO questions and they are based on the Skilled Migrant Visa category requirements. For every case, there are points awarded. If you find it very hard to answer YES to all the questions, chances are that you will not qualify for a visa but if you can successfully answer YES to all, you may be well on your way to migrating to New Zealand. All you will just need to do is schedule an appointment with registered New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai to start your application process without delay.

In our quick check below, do you meet the minimum criteria? You only need to answer a YES or no to these questions. The more the YES, the more likely are you to be successful in your New Zealand immigration Dubai.

  • Are you under 56 years of age? YES or NO

Most expats in New Zealand are between age 28 and 45. The NZ government is very keen on this as they intend to expand work force and are therefore focused on migrants that are agile and can still actively contribute to the community.  If you are more than 56 and are financially independent, you can qualify only for the retirement visa.

  • Are you, your partner and children completely healthy? YES or NO

New Zealand provides healthcare for citizens but migrants who have illnesses will not be allowed into the system in order not to burden the health system with pre-existing illnesses. You may need to speak to your Dubai New Zealand Immigration consultants for other possible visa options if your answer is NO.

  • Are you, your partner and children free of criminal convictions and not a security risk? YES or NO

New Zealand is relatively a crime free state and politically stable. If you are seen as someone coming in to disrupt this stability or peace, you will not be allowed in. There may however be exceptions to your conviction but you will definitely need to consult with your immigration consultants in Dubai for this.

  • Can you competently speak, write and understand English? YES or NO

The official language in New Zealand is English and is used everywhere including work places. You must be able to prove your competency; else, your visa will be denied.

  • Have you been offered a job in New Zealand? YES or NO

A YES is good and a NO is bad. Your chances are better with a job offer in New Zealand. Consult with your migration consultants in Dubai for help.

  • Do you have a tertiary or trade qualification? YES or NO

Under the skilled migrant visa category, you will have to prove that you have the right qualification and that you are educated, else your visa may be denied.

Permits and Visas Reviews in Dubai provides you the list of questions you need to answer to know if you are eligible to apply for a New Zealand Visa. These questions are just some of the basic factors that you need to consider if you are interested in applying. It is advisable that you talk to one Immigration Consultant for New Zealand to better understand the immigration requirements and process.