Jobs in Toronto Canada

Toronto Canada is one of the country’s home of more than a hundred thousands of businesses. These businesses in different sectors head office are nested in this city of Canada making it more and more popular city for skilled immigrants all over the world.

See below to know which industries are in demand in Toronto Canada:

1. Medical Sector

Toronto is one of the most populated city of Canada and one of the reasons for it is the growing Medical Sector in the area. This area demands a number of medical professions as it is the home of the bio medical sector which is ranked globally as top 10. It is the best place for medical related jobs and it currently employs more than 45000 individuals and it has more than 1600 companies and it continues to grow even larger.

2. Financial Sector

Toronto is the largest financial services industry in Canada and it is growing faster in North America. Toronto provides a number of job opportunities for immigrants and its residents. Toronto is the area where Toronto Stock Exchange is located and it is considered as the 3rd largest in the N. America and is 6th globally. It is currently employing more than 250 thousand and it will double in the coming years. Banks which are largest in Canada as well are located here.

3. Technology Sector

Toronto is the centre of technology of Canada and it has a 640 million dollars investment in the software our of the 5.7 billion annual generation. 40% of Canadian technology companies are located in the city and it has created more than 160000 jobs already. It is the home of Apple, IBM, Toshiba and a lot of big and major technology companies.

4. Manufacturing Sector

Toronto is one of the biggest when it comes to manufacturing sector in Canada. It is currently employing 10% of the city’s workforce. It aims to advance and become a world class manufacturing technology in the country.

5. Tourism and Hospitality Sector

One of the booming cities of Canada for tourism sector is Toronto because of the reason that it is the centre of lucrative industries in the country. It offers a great economy, a thousand numbers of professional and business individuals, hotels and restuarants, making it more attractive to tourists. Aside from that, Toronto offers a number of exciting activities and attractions making tourism and hospitality industry an in demand industry in the city.

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