How to Get An Australian Work Visa

Australia being one of the best countries for migration offers foreign migrants Work Visas. If you have skills & qualifications that Australia needs, your visa application process will be done in a short amount of time. Australia has strong economy which provides individuals a good chance to work & stay in Australia together with their families.  The work culture of this hardworking nation is great and the work force is dedicated too. Australia has become one of the best countries for career opportunities for many skilled migrants.  A skilled migrant may be either employer-sponsored, independently skilled or business migrants.

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457 Work visa, a temporary business visa that allows the employers to sponsor overseas workers is very popular. The Australian employers can sponsor a skilled worker for an amount of time which ranges  from 1 day – 4 years under 457 Work visa category.

Australian Visa Requirements

An employee who wants to come to Australia under a Australian 457 work visa should meet the requirements including –

  1. Being sponsored by his eligible employer.
  2. Having all the skills, qualifications & experience which match the requirements of the job.
  3. Having a good hold on the English language – both verbal and spoken.
  4. Meeting all the basic and necessary health requirements. (health examination by the panel doctor)
  5. Having a properly registered health insurance.

If you are good with all the above requirements, you can obtain an Australian 457 Work Visa today in order to save time as it takes a lot of time with the process of Visa application. The recommended technique to ensure success, save time and minimize risk in the process is to let a consultancy guide you and work with you- every step of the way.

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