Getting a Canadian PR Visa from Dubai

Canada is one of the most popular and mostly selected destination for migration of skilled workers around the world and their families. Are you planning to migrate to Canada by getting a Canadian PR Visa from Dubai? Canada is having a soft and easy immigration policies for skilled foreign workers and families globally.

There are different immigration programs available for immigration which will give you the opportunity to obtain a Canadian PR visa to be able to work and live in the country permanently and apply for Canadian Citizenship.

Most of the available Immigration Programs of Canada is requiring individuals to pass the points based system which will be the basis for the selection of candidates for the Canada permanent residency. This will be based on your profile such as your education, work, age and other major factors.

What is Canadian Permanent Residency Card?

The Canadian Permanent Residency will give its holders the following benefits:

  1. Live, work and study in the country
  2. Can obtain Canadian Citizenship
  3. Will be able to obtain health care and other benefits from the government
  4. Holder is protected under the Rights and Freedoms charter of Canada

Holders of Canadian PR will not be able to vote or run for public office and will not be able to obtain a high level security clearance jobs in the country.

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