What is Germany Job Seeker Visa

This Germany Job Seeker Visa is made to attract job seekers who are highly skilled and educated and who are foreign workers and those who will meet the requirements for the shortage list of Germany. This will be valid for 6 months and once the applicant has been successful in the job search, applicant will be granted a Germany work Permit.

What are the Benefits of having Germany Job Seeker Visa

Once your visa has been granted for Job Seeker Visa, you will have a number of opportunities for jobs and pursue a better career in Germany. You can also sponsor your family once your have granted a Work Permit for Germany. You can also have a free education and health insurance once you have the visa and you can relocate in some other Schengen countries and travel around Europe. Plus, you can apply for German Citizenship after some time.

What are the Requirements?

  • You will be needing to have a degree or Masters
  • You need to have a minimum 5 years experience which are related to your education
  • This visa doesn’t need IELTS or an specific age
  • You must have enough budget to spend during your stay in Germany

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