Canadian Lower Skilled Occupations

The Canadian Lower Skilled Occupation Visa is one of the options for temporary work visa. These occupations mostly only require high school diplomas or a 2 years training for a specific job. This is an exciting program for those who are wanting to get a job quickly in Canada which occupations are listed in the skills shortage list of the country.

The visa holder of this category will be able to enter temporarily Canada. All foreign workers under this category will be able to stay in the country with a work permit valid during the duration of their contract. This is a good option for those who wants to grain experience in Canada and will be able to renew visa and stay for another 2 years in Canada.

What arwe the Visa Requirements for the Lower Skilled Visa

In order for an individual to be eligible for this visa category, applicants must be able to obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer and their occupation must be included in the occupation list of Canada. The job offer must include the following details for employment:

  1. wage, duties and conditions of work
  2. the benefits of the employee with regards to transportation costs
  3. health coverage in Canada

Permits and Visas Reviews informs all lower skilled occupation visa applicants that this visa usually requires at least a high school diploma or 2 years training. Applicants must be able to satisfy the requirements to be able to get a temporary residence in Canada. Requirements include education, experience and offer letter. You can contact Canada Immigration directly to apply for residence visa under this category or you can hire an Immigration Consultancy company to assist you with the application.