Canada Makes Families Reunite Easier

Do you know that as a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, you are allowed to sponsor or bring in family members to also become Permanent Residents in Canada? If you don’t already know, then you will find the information thrilling, should you be planning to sponsor some of your family members.

Sponsorship Under the Family Class

The Canadian Government has given the opportunity to Permanent Residents and Citizens to sponsor their family members but it is important that such provide care and support for their arriving immigrants when they eventually land in Canada.

Those who qualify in the Family Class include sponsor’s spouse, common law partner, conjugal partner, mother or father, adopted persons, dependent child or other relatives of the sponsor according to the definitions of Immigration Canada.

Do We Need Passport or Travel Documents?

Yes, valid passports and travel documents must be provided. Any of the travel documents that will expire soon should be renewed before proceeding to submit an application. If you are confused about how to go about this, you can always find immigration consultants that will guide you in this area.

How Long is a Permanent Resident Visa Valid?

It is valid for a period not more than the earliest expiry date of any of the travel documents listed

  • You or your family’s international passport
  • You or your family’s medical test results

Can I work While My Permanent Residence Application is in Process?

Yes. But this can only be possible if you have a valid work permit. If you are applying for PR under the common law partner or spouse category, your permit type should read “open work permit”


It is important that you should maintain a legal status as a worker, student or visitor in Canada while your application is under process and you should wait for a work permit application to be approved before you start working.

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