Canada Express Entry Continues to Make Migration Easier

The points required for candidates in the Express Entry Pool to qualify for ITA in the Comprehensive Ranking System has been reduced by one more point in the latest draw conducted in June. This is the second time the required points will be reduced. The previous draw took place on May 18 and that required candidates to have 484 points before they can be invited to apply. The number of points required in the draw before this one was 534.

All who have been invited to apply can submit an application for the Canadian PR and they can come along with family members, spouses, common-law partners and their dependent children as well.

However, even though the CRS point score reduction is very well received by all who are applying for Canadian citizenship, the points it has been cut to, 484 points, is still significantly high enough to ensure that all who are invited are candidates of high caliber. Before 484 points can be accrued, the candidate must have very high scores in human capital department and ability to transfer skill. Also, if the candidate already has a provincial nomination certificate or a Canadian job offer already, these high points can be gotten.  All candidates with nomination certificates can have as high as 600 points and are qualified for ITA and permanent residence permit.

In 2015, more candidates with Core CRS scores less than 450 were invited to apply for Canadian PR than those with 450 and more points. These were people with provincial nomination and as such already have 600 points which when added to their score which is less than 450, they will still be far better than those who had more than 450 points without a provincial nomination.

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