The Advantages of An Australian Visa

If you are planning to migrate to Australia, that begins with securing an Australian visa. There are great opportunities that come with living in Australia and those who manage to secure their visa are considered lucky because of the number of people that apply for the same yearly. Australia is referred to as the “Lucky Country” by many expats and those who make it in consider themselves blessed.

If you have lived or worked in Australia before for up to 2 years, you can apply for permanent residency in Australia under the Regional Sponsored migration scheme. To do this, you will need the help of a registered MARA agent who is in the best position to advice you on how to go about applying successfully for the Permanent Resident visa because the process is really complicated. After living as permanent residents for a while, an application can be submitted for citizenship. Asides these, other benefits that come with being an Australian resident include the following:

Job Opportunities and Social Security

Australia is a big country that enjoys plenty of natural resources and an ever growing educated population. The country itself was settled by migrants from England, it is not strange to see western lifestyles and technologies. In recent times, the country has relied on the skilled migrant population to thrive economically and grow technologically.

Social security in Australia is of high priority. The country has a very health social security system which provides for those that are out of work while they are seeking employment. The system also caters for young families, the elderly that cannot work again and single mothers.

Language and Weather

Australians speak the Australian version of the Queen’s English. Those who are new in Australia will think they are speaking a foreign language. One you settle in, you will get to understand it is still English and as long as you can speak English, you will settle in fine. Those who are not from English speaking nations will still find people from non-English speaking countries such as their own countries.

The weather in Australia can be very hot. This varies from state to state. Most parts of Australia enjoy long summers and mild winters.

Free Public Education and Supported Higher Education

School is mandatory for all children and it’s also free from age 6 to 15. Those who want alternatives to public schools will have to pay the high tuition which may range between 10,000-15,000 per annum. For further education, students may apply for the HECS which allows them to school and pay up tuition after they might have started working.

Those who study in Australia stand the chance of obtaining PR residency visa and can find jobs afterwards.

Public Health Care

All Australians get to enjoy the Government’s National Health Care system. Those who prefer a private hospital can have access to them but at extra cost.

Fair and Just Migration Policies

All migrants who are applying for the Australian visa are treated equally and fairly. However, the representation of qualified immigration consultants gives you a better chance of getting ahead of those who do not have. We recommend our services at Permits and Visas Review. As one of the best Australian immigration consultants in Dubai, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. All our Australian immigration in Dubai agents are licensed and registered with a good knowledge of the visa processes and requirements.

Permits and Visas Reviews suggests that in order to enjoy all the benefits listed above, you need to start by completing a visa assessment to see whether you are eligible to apply for an Australian Visa which can be completed online free from a number of registered and licensed immigration consultancies in Dubai.