All About Australian Immigration

All the time, the immigration policy of Australia is changing. As a matter of fact, it has been changed several times in the past decade. Most expats in Australia today admitted they had come in through the Australia Skilled migration program. In 2010, close to 190,000 new expats made entry into Australia legally and that alone is more than the number that entered in the US that same year. About 68% of all new arrivals in Australia come in through the skilled migrant visa category of the Australia permanent residence immigration program.

The Australian senate recently modified the 457 visa program for skilled migrants. The change requires that hiring companies should prove that they have tried to hire local skilled workers, but could not get suitable persons, before attempting to bring in expats to fill the position in Australia. This has somewhat tightened the work visa program and this has altogether complicated the Australian visa process. If you are planning to migrate to Australia under the skilled program, it is essential that you understand how this works. You can consult with Australian immigration consultants in Dubai to explain the implications of this.

One thing is sure, your chances of migrating successfully to Australia on your own is lessened.

Permits and Visas reviews is one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai that have served many migrants and helped many to reach their goals of migrating to desired countries. Australia, being one of the best nations of the world, is always in need of skilled migrants and Permits and visas is here to represent your interest on that regard. In order to apply for the Australian visa, it is first essential that you know which of the visas is most suitable for your profile. There are six major types and they include:

  • Skilled Migrant visa
  • Travel Visa
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Business visa
  • Family visa; and
  • Spouse visa

Permits and Visas Reviews suggest everyone that the easiest way to know which of the visa is most suitable is to take a visa assessment. This will help to reveal which of these options holds for you the best opportunity. There are licensed agents in Dubai for Australian Immigration who can help analyze your profile and give you a true report. You can just process to fill up their free online visa assessment form and one they will get back to you.