Denmark Immigration for Green Card Procedure

All skilled professionals and individuals who are wanting to migrate to Denmark will be needing to obtain a Danish Visa if they are coming from outside the European Union upon entering the country. The Danish Immigration monitors all the entry as well as all the exits people are making in everyday for security reasons and to ensure that immigration only provides visa to the ones who have the ability to help Denmark’s economy.

How to Immigrate to Denmark With Green Card

Those who are being granted a Residence Permit under the Danish Green Card Scheme are not required to obtain a Work Permit anymore. The Permit under the Green Card Scheme will allow you to work for a paid or unpaid job in the country. The Danish Residence Permit will not give you the right to work as a self employed individual though.

The processing time for the Danish Green Card is not fixed. The process vary from one case to another. In 6 months upon receiving the permit must be able to come to Denmark with an official address in the country. It is your responsibility to find a place to stay in the country. In your first year in the country, you must earn at least 50000 DKK.

Permits and Visas Reviews noticed  that there are a A number of individuals who are skilled and qualified are interested in obtaining a Danish Green Card from India, from Philippines, from China, from Dubai and from all around the world. It is advisable that you apply with the help of an Immigration Expert who can assist you with the Denmark Immigration application.