Work and Settle in Denmark From Dubai

Denmark Residence Work Permit will allow an individual to work and live in the country for up to 3 years. People who are granted with this permit were able to reac the required points for migration under the Green Card Scheme. Once you are granted Work Permit under Green Card Scheme, you may live and work in Denmark.

What are the Benefits of Having a Denmark Visa

  1. Denmark Visa is processed fast. Average is from 6 months to 8 months
  2. You may apply for an extension of visa for up to 4 years
  3. Your children who are under the age of 18, your spouse or your legal partner can be included in your application
  4. Once you have Permanent Resident Visa, you will have access to medical care insurance and education for free
  5. You can later on apply for a Denmark Citizenship after you have stayed in the country for 9 years
  6. You may work in anywhere in the European Union countries
  7. You can travel visa free to Schengen member countries

What are the requirements?

-an applicant must be able to gather enough score to be eligible
-an applicant must have health insurance and your dependents as well
-you must be able to show enough funds to support yourself as well as your family for 1 year

Permits and Visas Reviews advice individuals who are wanting to migrate to Denmark to get yourself assessed first before applying for Denmark immigration visa. There are required criteria that has to be reached by an applicant. Only applicants who were able to reach that certain number of score will be invited and granted a Danish Visa. You can avail a Free Visa Assessment from a number of Immigration Consultants in Dubai. There are a number of registered and legitimate immigration consultancy who will assist you in your Denmark Visa application.