What is Danish Green Card Scheme

Denmark is open in welcoming foreign skilled migrants in granting Residence Permit. This will allow individuals to search for work and live in Denmark. The Green Card Scheme is processed under a Points based system based on the applicants qualifications and profile.

If you are interested in applying for a Denmark Resident Permit under the Green Card Scheme, you are not required to get work permit separately. Danish Resident permit will give you the right to work paid or unpaid. Resident permit under this scheme will not give you the right to be self employed or run a business.

Denmark Job opportunities

The Green Card Scheme assessment is based on the criteria whether you can be suited for any occupation in Denmark as a highly skilled foreign migrant. Getting Resident Permit under this scheme is like getting a job. It is the applicant’s responsibility to find a job in the country to be able to support your stay in Denmark.

At the moment, the demand for foreign skilled worker is limited but there are a number of industries and sectors who are highly requesting for foreign skilled professionals. It is good to learn Danish language as it is one of the often conditions in the work market in the country.

Before even applying for a Resident permit under Green Card Scheme, you must assess yourself first and see job opportunities in Denmark. There are a number of online job portals and database you can use in seeking job in the country.

Permits and Visas Reviews advice individuals to get assessed by reputable Immigration Services company. There are a number of legal immigration consultants in Dubai which you can have free immigration assessment for Denmark. It is advisable to know your chances of getting a Denmark Visa or Permit right before your application. It is a points based system therefore it is better to know how much you are mostly to get before applying.