New Zealand Immigration From Dubai

There are a number of New Zealand Immigration Visa options an individual can choose from depending on his qualification. New Zealand is one of the countries which is open to foreign skilled migrants from all the corners of the world who wants to work and settle in the country. This will help New Zealand in filling up the workforce gap and this will help the country’s economy.

Below are some of the New Zealand Visa options you can apply for from Dubai:

  1. New Zealand Permanent Resident Visas
  2. Investor Visas
  3. Entrepreneur Visas

New Zealand Permanent Resident Visas is open to those who are skilled and have relevant work experience. Once you have granted a Resident Visa, you will be allowed to work and live in the country indefinitely. You will also have access to most of the public services and benefits such as education and healthcare.

New Zealand Investor Visas is a type of visa made specifically for those individuals who are willing to invest in the country for at least NZ$ 1.5 million for 4 years. This type of visa is given to individuals who wants to invest in minimum amount. For those who wants to invest more than NZ$ 10 million, they will be granted an Investor Plus Visas.

New Zealand Entrepreneur Visas are for entrepreneurs who plan to build or manage their own business in the country. Entrepreneur Work Visas are given to those who are just starting in setting up a business and those who have established business already will be granted an Entrepreneur Residence Visas.

There are a number of legitimate Immigration Consultancy in Dubai for New Zealand. If you wish to apply for any of the New Zealand Immigration Visas Permits and Visas Reviews mentioned above, you can call one of the trusted Immigration Consultancy in Dubai UAE or apply to the Immigration of New Zealand directly. It is important that you know your eligibility first before applying.